Lawyers for criminal law Lviv

Attorneys of criminal law Lviv

Attorneys of criminal law Lviv

• Legalization of income from the circulation of narcotic substances
• Rent a bribe
• Abuse of influence
• Fraud Art. 190 KKU
• Fake documents
• Tax evasion, fictitious enterprise
• Commercial and service crimes
• Search, seizure of property, special confiscation.


It is not a secret that in the legislation of our country there are a lot of gaps and collisions. And in the case of the aforementioned crimes, which were charged with legal persons, they were not without them. The legislator is required to adhere to a legal entity, along with all authorized persons who committed these crimes, regardless of the knowledge of the management.

  It is noteworthy that the free from the use of criminal penalties for a legal entity may be at the end of the term from the moment the commission of the crime and until the day the court decision enters into force. This term is 3, 5, 10, 15 years for crimes of small, moderate, grave and especially grave crimes, respectively.

  How to avoid the liquidation of a legal entity due to the mistaken registration of an authorized person?
   How to significantly reduce the amount of the fine or to receive payment of the amount for up to 3 years?
   How to avoid confiscation of property of a legal entity?

Our Services:

– protection of the suspect and the accused in criminal proceedings;
– representation of the victim, civil plaintiff;
– protection and representation in a criminal proceeding against a legal entity;
– drawing up scientific conclusions for the criminal process;
– protection of a person in case of violation of her criminal case “on demand”;
– consultations on the use of special confiscation of property of a person and his relatives;
– formation of a position in complex criminal cases, including economic and economic crimes.

Lawyer’s legal services in the city of Lviv:

  • Definition of tactics and protection of the interests of a potential suspect at the stage of opening criminal proceedings (since the data have been entered into the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations until a Suspicion Notice is presented)
    • Comprehensive protection of the suspect’s interests at the stage of pre-trial investigation within the framework of criminal proceedings (from the moment of presentation of a suspicion notice)
    • Extended criminal law and process consultation (within open criminal proceedings)
    • Attorney’s participation in investigative actions (interrogation, search, withdrawal)
    • Familiarization and analysis of materials of pre-trial investigation, other documents, their legal assessment, counseling the client about possible perspectives, making recommendations
    • Drafting of procedural documents (applications, requests, petitions, complaints, appeals), including those aimed at closing criminal proceedings, changing preventive measures, re-qualifying a crime, etc.
    • The work of the Advocate on the gathering of evidence of a defense (lawyer’s inquiries, request for documents, examination)
    • Visiting a client in custody
    • Preparation and submission of complaints about actions (inaction) of the pre-trial investigation body (investigator, prosecutor)
    • Appeal of a verdict, ruling, court order. Preparation of appeal and cassation complaint
    • Participation of a lawyer in a court session of the court of appeal or cassation instance
    • Representation of client interests in court and other competent bodies on issues of custody
    • Drawing up of a motivated petition for conditional release (DD), release from punishment, etc.
    • Representation of client’s interests in court and law enforcement agencies on conditional release

  The law firm “AVELEX” always knows how to remove harm from your company and your reputation.