Principles of activity

1. Independence

  The specifics of the goals and tasks that the Company requires is necessary as a prerequisite for the proper exercise of advocacy by the maximum independence of the Company’s lawyers in the exercise of their professional rights and obligations, which imposes their freedom from any external influence, pressure or interference in their activities, in particular by the state authorities, as well as from the influence of their personal interests.
  In order to comply with this principle in their professional activities, attorneys of the Company are obliged to withstand any attempts to attack their independence, to be courageous and fundamental in the performance of their professional duties, to uphold their professional rights and to effectively use them in the interests of the Clients.
Lawyers of the Company are obliged not to allow compromises in their professional activity that would detract from their independence in order to please the court, other state bodies, third parties or the Client, if such compromises are in conflict with the legitimate interests of the Client and impede the proper legal assistance to him.
  The Company’s attorneys do not engage in any other activity that would put them in legal, material or moral dependence on others, subject to their instructions or rules that may conflict with the law of the applicable law on the Bar, the Rules of the Bar Ethics and these Principles, or may be different to impede the free and independent exercise by the Company’s attorneys of their professional duties.
  Attorneys of the Company shall not, when executing the Client’s instruction, follow the instructions of other persons regarding the content, forms, methods, sequence and time of the exercise of their professional rights and duties, if they contradict their own idea of the optimal way of executing the Client’s order.

2. Compliance with the law

  In their professional activities, attorneys of the Company are obliged to adhere to the current legislation of Ukraine, promote the adoption and practical implementation of the principles of the rule of law and the rule of law, use all their knowledge and professional skills for the proper protection and representation of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens and legal entities.
  Attorneys of the Company do not give advice to the Client deliberately aimed at facilitating the commission of offenses, or otherwise deliberately promote their commission by the Company’s Client or other persons.
  Lawyers of the Company have no right in their professional activities to resort to means and methods that are in contradiction with the current legislation, the rules of advocacy ethics, etc.

3. Dominance of interests of Clients

  Within the limits of observance of the principle of legality, the Company is obliged in its professional activities to proceed from the preference of the interests of the Clients to their own interests, the interests of colleagues, partners, employees, the interests of the legitimate representatives of the Clients, or their trustees, trustees and other persons, as well as any other considerations.
  The company must respect the freedom of choice of the Client of the lawyer and neither to accept the commission nor in the process of its implementation not to obstruct the realization of this freedom.

4. Inadmissibility of representation of Clients with conflicting interests

  The Company shall take all measures to prevent the representation of a Company attorney at the same time by two or more Clients whose interests are mutually controversial, or with a high degree of probability, may become controversial.

5. Confidentiality

  Compliance with the principle of confidentiality is a necessary and most important prerequisite for trust between the Company and the Client, without which it is impossible to properly provide legal assistance. Therefore, the preservation of the confidentiality of any information received by the Company from the Client, as well as about the Client (including his person) or other persons in the process of lawyer activity, is the right of the Company’s lawyers in relations with all subjects of law that may require disclosure of such information, and obligation towards the Client and those who are affected by this information.
The principle of confidentiality is not limited in time.
The confidentiality of certain information about the Client may be canceled only by a person interested in its compliance (the Client or heirs of such an individual or legal successors of a legal entity), in writing or in another fixed form.
  Disclosure of information constituting a lawyer’s secret is prohibited in all circumstances, including illegal attempts by the inquiry, preliminary investigation and court to interrogate a lawyer on circumstances that constitute a lawyer’s secret.
  The Company is obliged to ensure that the Company’s consultants, advocates’ assistants and members of the technical staff understand and adhere to the principle of confidentiality.
  The Company is obliged to provide such conditions of storage of documents, the Client’s transferred documents, advocate’s files and other materials that are at his disposal and contain confidential information that reasonably excludes third parties access to them.

6. Competence and honesty

  Due to the social significance and complexity of the professional duties of the Company’s lawyers, they require a high level of professional training, a fundamental knowledge of the current legislation, the practice of its application, the mastery of tactics, methods and techniques of advocacy, oratory.
  Lawyers of the Company are obliged to provide legal assistance to the Clients competently and in good faith, which provides for knowledge of the relevant rules of law, the availability of the necessary experience of their application, perfection in the consideration of all circumstances related to the order of the Client and possible legal consequences of its implementation, thorough preparation for the proper execution of the order.
Lawyers of the Company are obliged, irrespective of their area of ​​their predominant specialization, if any, to maintain knowledge at the appropriate level in matters from which they are obliged to provide legal assistance to the appointment of investigative bodies or courts, as well as for free, according to the current legislation.
  Lawyers of the Company are constantly working to improve their knowledge and professional skills, have enough information about changes in the current legislation.
  Attorneys of the Company provide reasonably necessary level of competence of their assistants, technical personnel and other persons involved in them to carry out individual works in connection with the execution of the order.

7. Honesty and decency

  Lawyers of the Company both in their professional activities and in private life are honest and decent; Do not resort to deceit, threats, blackmail, bribery, use of material or personal circumstances of other persons or other illegal means to achieve their professional or personal goals; respect the rights, legitimate interests, honor, dignity, reputation and feelings of persons with whom he communicates in different ways.

8. Respect for the profession of lawyer

  Through its activities, the Company maintains respect for the profession of the lawyer, its essence and purpose, and contributes to the preservation and enhancement of its prestige.
  This principle should be observed in all spheres of the Company’s lawyers activity: professional, public, journalistic, etc.
  Lawyers of the Company are obliged to comply with the lawful decisions of elective bodies of the advocacy, taken within their competence, which does not exclude the possibility of criticism of the latter and their appeal in accordance with the procedure established by law.
  Lawyers of the Company do not take actions aimed at limiting the rights of a person to protection, professional rights of lawyers, independence of the profession of the law, undermining its prestige.

9. Culture of Behavior

  The lawyers of the Company both in their professional activities and in private life, taking care of the prestige of a lawyer, provide a high level of culture of behavior, behave in a decent, restrained, tactful manner, preserve self-control and endurance where possible, while exercising their professional activities, have a decent appearance. .

10. Ethics of advertising of the Company’s activities

  The company has the right to advertise its professional activities in compliance with applicable law and the rules of advocacy ethics.
  The Company’s lawyer has no right to offer its services to a particular Client either personally or through intermediaries.
Advertising materials about the Company’s activities are objective, reliable, clear and understandable, do not contain hints, ambiguities or otherwise constitute the basis for misleading potential Clients, meet reasonable aesthetic requirements.
The management of the Company bears personal responsibility for the authenticity of the promotional materials about the Company, as well as for their compliance with applicable law and the rules of advocacy ethics.
  If the Company becomes aware of the widespread advertising of its activities that does not meet the specified requirements without its known knowledge, the Company is obliged to take all reasonably practicable measures to refute and correct such advertising information and to inform the regional qualification-disciplinary commission thereof.