Corporate lawyers

 Full lawyer protection and complex legal service of business (enterprises, institutions, organizations, political parties (blocs, movements), including public, religious and charitable organizations or communities, private entrepreneurs, business entities, condominiums, etc., which includes free legal consultations on any issues in the field of economic, civil, administrative, financial, banking, tax law, consolidation of the legal person of the Company’s lawyer, free registration of simple applications and documents, it is possible round the clock yvyh Number Immediately call a lawyer to misets events in the office, the court including other public bodies, and mozhlivist oplatiti services company lawyer postponement of installments for spetsialnie  price, while non-cash payments.

The cost of the subscription fee is 100 euros. / 1 year for a legal entity.

Your business gets an opportunity to prevent the occurrence of problem situations, acquires undoubted advantage over potential opponents, is in the winning position, which emphasizes and decorates your status and attractiveness of the enterprise.

CORPORATE LAWYERS ® – Your business is protected.