Сімейні адвокати

Full legal defense and comprehensive legal assistance to the Client and his / her family, under the subscription program. FAMILY LAWYERS® means that the Client and his family members throughout Ukraine receive legal assistance and lawyer protection of rights in civil, criminal, administrative and administrative cases. In addition, the Company represents the interests of the family of the Client or its individual members in all possible relations with any natural or legal persons.

The client and his family receive assistance around the clock, without holidays and holidays, a break for lunch, and the Company’s lawyer Client and his family can call for work, home or at the place of the event.

To the exclusive rights of the Client and all members of his family under the subscription program FAMILY LAWYERS® include: during the term of the contract, receive free advice and legal advice in specific situations that arise in life without limiting the number of such consultations. In the interests of the Client and his family members, simple statements or complaints are made free of charge, if necessary, and free methodical support is provided. The Client and all members of his family are entitled to receive free legal assistance to the Company in labor and social disputes.

Client of a law firm that is a subscriber FAMILY LAWYERS®  is entitled to pay a fee for the received assistance in the form of postpayment, to postpone the payment of fees or to distribute the payment of fees in parts for a long time. The duration of this time, as well as the amount of contributions, shall be established in each case separately, taking into account the wishes and capabilities of the Client. In all cases, the Client of the law firm and his family members who use the help FAMILY LAWYERS®, make a special value fee (loyal size) specified in the section “Services and prices”. Subscriber of the program FAMILY LAWYERS®  can make the cost of a fee in the form of goods and services (barter). The size of the fee is constant and under no circumstances can be changed in the direction of growth.

The client and all members of his family receive the opportunity to make personalized plastic CUSTOMER CARD, which is a certificate of a person protected by a law firm. IN CUSTOMER CARD Photo of the Client, his surname, name is placed, surnameplace of residence, number and term of the contract entered into with the Company, as well as the text certifying that the bearer CUSTOMER CARD is protected by the law firm “AVELEX” and in case of its apprehension it is necessary to immediately inform the Client’s lawyer on the phone numbers given, etc.

Cost of subscription fee for the program FAMILY LAWYERS®is symbolic and is only 1700 UAH / year (1/2 of the minimum wage or 100 Euro for the whole family of the Client.

The number of family members subject to the protection of the Company under this agreement is unlimited.

The client gets the opportunity to prevent the occurrence of problematic situations, acquires undeniable advantage over possible opponents, is in the winning position, which emphasizes and decorates his status.

If the Client of the Company finds dissatisfaction with the quality of the received assistance, the money paid to him will be returned to him. This rule applies unconditionally when the quality of the assistance suffered from the fault of the Company or its employees. If the Managing Partner of the Company considering the complaints of the Clients will come to the conclusion that the quality of the assistance provided to the Client meets the appropriate level and the complaint or claim is unjustified and unfounded, then simultaneously with the return of the funds to the Client, the concluded agreement with it breaks without possibility in the future to conclude any new agreement with the Company.

The company builds partnerships with its Clients, which for the first time in Ukraine envisage the possibility for the Client to introduce new, agreed terms in his contract, which makes it not just improved, but exclusive.

Agreements on full defense of the lawyer and comprehensive legal services of the Client and his family, under the subscription program FAMILY LAWYERS® are concluded in person by the Client in the room Law firm “AVELEX” (Lviv, Sheptytsky St., 14). You need to have a passport with you. Upon request of the future Client, attorneys and specialists of the Company may be invited to the contract for the conclusion of the contract.

The client and his family can also take part in trainings, seminars and lectures free of charge and subscribe to a newsletter with news stories of Ukrainian legislation.

Upon conclusion of the agreement, the Client can order the services of lawyers of the Company by phone, e-mail, Skype, fax and other means of communication available to him..

 FAMILY LAWYERS®  – the rights of the family are protected.